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Are you a young Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist who wants to start their own Aesthetic centre, but don’t know how? Or maybe the lack of training is holding you back?

You are not alone. Setting up you own aesthetic centre is a daunting scenario for most doctors.

Dr Surindher observed a lacuna in the aesthetics training of doctors, be it a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

The training colleges do not have the necessary work load for aesthetic procedures as most of the patients go to a private set up.

The only way the fresh young plastic surgeons and dermatologists get exposure to aesthetics is via fellowships or conferences.

The conferences can help one get a knowledge of the latest trends and the latest procedures being done, but they don’t give you an in depth knowledge of the same it is often noticed that the highest number of complications occur immediately after a conference or a workshop.

Fellowships offer a better opportunity to go through the whole process and monitor a patient pre and post op, to see the actual results and any potential complications. But, the problem with fellowships is these are limited time period, usually of a few weeks or two three months which is not enough time to see the whole range of cases.

Secondly all fellowships do not offer a hands on experience and once they are back home, the trainees have to do the procedure themselves independently without any backup.

Keeping this in mind Dr Surindher started the mentorship programs where we train the doctors with an intensive three to six month training schedule and then the training is ongoing at the doctor’s own centre where they are learning the “on the job” over the next five years with constant support guidance and monitoring of the procedures and the results.

Regular audits are part of the process which helps improve the results in monitor their progress.

Along with the medical aspects, we also train the doctors in the business part of the practice along with the patient management skills, patient counselling, prevention and complications of management, staff management and scientific pursuits.

All our doctors get hands on experience and all the procedures to make sure they are comfortable performing the same independently and more importantly identifying the right procedure for the patients.

DrSurindher’s aim is to ensure that the surgeon is trained in all the basic aesthetic surgical and aesthetic medical procedures and not only in one or two aspects as is common in a fellowship.

Why mentorship over a Fellowship?

Mentorship involves a relationship and commitment which is long term. We understand ever so more that training is like running a marathon needs time and everyone learns at a different pace. So our mentorship programs are minimum of 5 years duration during which the training is ongoing. So any doubts and problems which arise can be cleared and solved immediately. We will be the guiding force for you to learn and establish your successful aesthetic practice.

Who is eligible for the mentorship program?

Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. You need to be Board cleared to do the necessary procedures.

Is this available only in INDIA?

We have started in India but are looking at partners in India, south east Asia, Australia and the Middle east as well

What all do I get?

  • Complete hands on training in all commonly performed aesthetic procedures
  • Continued training for the duration of the contract
  • Planning and execution  of setting up your own Aesthetic centre
  • Advice on the equipment and services for your set up
  • SOP’s and training of managing your own centre
  • Marketing and marketing materials
  • Part of our online presence
  • Help in hiring and training of staff and instituting SOP’s
  • Set up of the centre and advice regarding effective running
  • and much more.

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