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Medical tourism to India has been steadily growing over the past two decades with increase connectivity and centers with on par facilities as the west.

Competitive pricing with international expertise has made India emerge as a favourite destination for the medical tourism.

Indian doctors are known for their skills and are a part of most of the western medical fraternities. Cosmetic procedures have been steady increase all over the world and even in India. Western patients coming to India for cosmetic procedures has been steadily increasing over the past many years.

Quality medical procedures at affordable cost make India an attractive destination for cosmetic procedures which are usually not covered by the insurance. India is leading medical tourism destination for hair transplant and other procedures are on the steady increase.

Most common procedures patients are coming in for are tummy tucks, breast augmentations and lifts, rhinoplasty, mummy makeovers, liposuctions and hair transplant.

Our medical tourism arm BBDV help patients in identifying the right procedures and helps them through the whole process of pre op consultation to travel to stay and follow ups and post op care for patients traveling to India for the same.

Get in touch with us for the latest offers and packages for procedures at our facility in Bangalore India.

We try and make it convenient as well as hassle free for you.

We will do all assessments and give you a complete breakdown of what is possible and what is not and guide you through the whole process.

Satisfied clients from all over the world.


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