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Are you looking to start an Aesthetic practice? Are you having trouble with your existing aesthetic practice? Do you want to add an Aesthetic surgery or medicine to an existing practice or hospital?

Your search ends here.

If you have an existing practice, we help analyse the practice, find out the limitations and hinderances, find the best fit for your practice, help you identify key areas which need improvement, set up standard operating procedures, help find and train your staff regarding the same.


We do all that it takes to make your practice successful and profitable, reduce expenses, make it safe for you as well as the patients and improve the overall patient experience. With over 18 years’ experience in private practice in Plastic surgery, DrSurindher has understood what is needed to have a successful aesthetic practice .  We will help you start your aesthetic practice, train you for it. Over the years he has helped set up many Cosmetic centres for various doctors and businesses. 


With the addition of Shree Seeva from BBDV (Australia), Aesthetics Plus has got an edge with respect to patient care, patient management, clinic management and overall patient experience.

We offer consulting services for an “End to end” solution for setting up and running a successful Aesthetic practice, be it a non-surgical aesthetic practice or a full-fledged Aesthetic surgery practice.

When setting up a new aesthetic practice there are many issues which need to be looked into and not just a physical place to practice. We help with identifying the key locations for your practice, along with helping you with the physical set up of the centre.

Usually, there are a plethora of aesthetic equipment’s in the market which promise everything between the earth and the moon. We help you identify the key areas of your practice and also help identify the best equipment for the same. Not everyone has the same outlook or the budgets for investment. We identify the best fit for you and help you achieve the best with that.

We help identify the licenses required for the practice and help set up the SOP’s for the procedures to be covered at the centre. We help with training of the staff and setting up of “best practices” to enhance the overall experience to the patient.

We help with recruitment, vetting, training of the required staff for the centre. Finding the best people is part of having a good team to provide the best services.

Marketing is an important part of aesthetic practice. The marketing scenario is an ever changing one and finding the right balance to get the best ROI is very important.

Expenses have to be monitored and finding what works for you the best is a key aspect of any new practice and we help you find the best balance.

Your patient is your “Brand ambassador” is something we believe in very strongly and hence we do our best to make the experience a memorable one and that helps in patient retention and conversion which is an important part of aesthetic practice and which comes only with years of interaction and learning “on the job”.

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